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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Neutrals

Lately, I've been choosing to walk over calling a car or riding the subway.  Is this slightly insane due to the heat in NYC right now? Yes, of course it is.  I realized, however, that there is too much to see and hear that I have been passing by when I choose to go underground for my commute.  I may have only just moved there, but my bucket list seems much too long for someone who has lived so close to the city for her whole life.

If I am near the High Line, I make sure to walk along top of it for a few blocks.  If I am passing Central Park, I make sure to stop at a bench for a few minutes and take in the serenity sitting in the middle of such an overwhelming urban area.  I have found more than one adorable coffee shop by walking to work (post with recommendations to come!), and met some friendly pups by choosing to leave a little early and walk to happy hour.  Lets be honest, seeing a puppy on the way to drinks? There is nothing better.

Get up a little earlier.  Leave the house in a pair of comfy flats and throw your heels in a bag for max comfort.  You will be excited and surprised by all your city or town has to offer, whether you have lived there for one year or ten.

Happy Shopping!

Photography by: Laurel Creative


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