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Monday, March 6, 2017

Wherever You Are, Make it Beautiful

Every street you walk down, every house you pass.  Is it possible for all of them to be beautiful?  Can each one give you joy, just by looking at their sweet colors and picket fences?  No, of course not.  How is it, then, that every blogger you follow seems to only find themselves in gorgeous settings?  The answer is pretty simple, they don't.  They only show a small piece of their lives in each post (me included!), and leave you wondering why you don't end up with a similar view from your hotel room. Seriously, do they all get a view of the eiffel tower?
  This, however, does not make them bad people. On the contrary, the reason I love looking at fashion and lifestyle blogs so much is because they find beauty in the most unlikely of places.  Their cameras catch the best looking wall in the city, the most interesting artwork in the middle of an empty town.  It takes a special eye and a positive outlook on life to find a beautiful moment hidden behind a rough facade.  
That's one of the reasons that dressing up is so fun.  You're unique eye and love of fashion-forward pieces reflects onto the community around you.  It might inspire a passer by to look up at the building they pass by every day and notice its vintage molding or flower bed.  It might bring a little bit more beauty into someone's life. I hope every post you read on Era On Trend brings a touch of elegance into your life.  
So, today, get glamorous.  Dress up.  You can be the beautiful addition to someone's day.

 Happy Shopping!


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