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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Australia Travels Part Two: Coastline Roadtrip

Following our three day stay in Melbourne, my travel group grabbed the keys to the rental car and got set for a seven day road trip to Sydney.  Along the way, we hiked to two different beach campsites, swam with seals, brunched, and relaxed in hot springs.  Here is an Australia road trip itinerary for the fearless adventurer:

We started our road trip with a short drive (only a few hours) to Sorrento, a quant beach town that offers plenty of boat tours and snorkling.  We booked a dolphin swim for the morning, and found it very easy to park and get to the docks where our boat was taking off.  After suiting up in some very attractive wetsuits, we were off!  The boat first stopped in front of a group of seals basking in the sun.  This ended up being our first and only swim of the day. They were incredibly friendly and playful, and even copied what we did in the water! Unfortunately, no dolphins showed up that day.  The boat looked for a long time, but for some reason they could not find any schools for our group to swim with.  While this was a total bummer, we were excited to have had so much fun with the seals.

Even though we were in Sorrento during the summer months in Australia, the morning we went out on the boat was freezing.  By the time we got back to shore, we were more than ready to get our fingers and toes defrosted.  Thankfully, this dolphin swim included a day at the Peninsula Hot Springs, only about a half an hour away from where the dive was.  
These baths were the perfect way to relax after a chilly boat ride. We could have spent all day exploring the different pools, which started at a mild heat and got hotter as you made your way up the stone paths to the final pool, overlooking spacious fields and farmland.  I could have stayed there forever.  We stayed near Sorrento that night, and in the morning continued the ride.

Our second day began the real adventure in Wilson's Promontory. This national park has some of the most incredible views and magical campsites I have ever seen.  The hike to our campsite was a real challenge, and took a good two hours.  Each clearing we came to, however, revealed a more beautiful picture than the last.  Blue skies, endless mountain ranges, and clear ocean surrounded us.  Not to mention we reached our campsite just as the sun began to set and painted the sky with pinks and purples like you would not believe.
If you are passing by Wilson's Promontory, you cannot miss the incredible hikes.  This was a major highlight from the trip.  While we hiked and camped here for two days, I think it would be worth your while to hike for just one day, if you don't have a whole lot of time.

After a quick stay in a hostel, we continued our drive to our second campsite for days four and five.  Booderee Beach was a much easier hike, for those of you who are not as into braving it in the wild.  Our site was a whopping five minutes from where we parked our car, and it was here that we stumbled onto a great surprise.  Right around twenty kangaroos were hopping around outside of our tent for the two days that we stayed at this site! We had yet to see a kangaroo until we got to Booderee, so we took advantage.  I know that we looked like such tourists, taking pictures hopping alongside them, but, hey, when in Australia.  

The beach here was beautiful, but very windy. Make sure you bring bug spray for those pesky sand flies!
 After all of these adventures, we had one more long leg of our trip before arriving in Sydney.  I highly recommend seeing the coast  before you jump on a flight and miss all of these incredible sights.

A Quick Itinerary and Links for Your Melbourne to Sydney Road Trip:
  1.  Leave Melbourne and drive to Sorrento for a Dolphin Swim
  2. Continue to the Hot Springs to warm up (package for dolphin swim and hot springs)
  3. Drive to Wilson's Promontory for hiking and camping
  4. Leave for Booderee Beach, pet some Kangaroos, and camp out
  5. Continue on to Sydney

Happy Travels!

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