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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Australia Travels Part One: Three Days In Melbourne

You already traveled across the world with me in my Singapore post, but my travels this year continued to a whole different continent.  Australia.  The last two weeks of my travels I spent hiking, swimming with seals, city-slicking, and road tripping.  My friends and I packed a ton of adventure into two weeks, so I am splitting up my trip into four different posts: Melbourne, Our Seven Day Road Trip, Sydney, and Cairnes.

If you are going to Australia soon or are trying to figure out if a trip "down unda" is for you, keep reading!

Welcome to Melbourne

After our eight hour flight from Singapore to Melbourne, we were happy to find that our AirBnB was located on a beautiful street with a view of the city. We stayed in South Yarra, which is about a 20-30 minute walk to center city, or a 15 minute train ride.  The transportation was easy to figure out, and there was a South Yarra railway station only five minutes from where we were staying.  If you are a bit uncomfortable using public transport, Ubers are available but Australia does not have Uber XL yet.  Keep that in mind if you are traveling with a big group!

  If you were not already aware, Australia is known for having some of the best brunches in the world.  I can say with confidence, this is true.  We had a recommendation to head to Top Paddock for their incredible pancakes, and its safe to say no other pancake will compare.  Ever.  Not only that, but Top Paddock was the restaurant that taught me that there is no bad coffee in Australia.  All of it is so rich it tastes like chocolate.  Every single cup.  I have to say, it was hard to leave that behind.
We then headed into center city for some exploring.  Yes, the river is a bit muddy brown, but the actual city is really incredible.  There is a fun mix of modern, unique buildings and old school cathedrals.  New York came to mind as I walked around.  How about that under-the-bridge bar! Federation Square is the main tourist spot in the city, but is definitely worth stopping by.  The Flinders Street Station has one of the coolest colorings I have ever seen, and the bars and restaurants were in no short supply. 

I wish we had more time to check out the night life, which everyone says is incredible, but our jet lag prevented us from staying out late most nights.  There was plenty to do during the day, but I would say the best part of Melbourne was our drive outside of the city.  I'll get to that a little bit later.

While walking back to the train station, we climbed up a grassy hill to find the Shrine of Remembrance.  Commemorating World War I with its burning fire pit and stone structures, this spot gave us the very best view of Melbourne. 

P.s. Pack layers, even if you visit in the summer! Melbourne really does go through four seasons in a day.  One minute its cold and windy, the next minute you are in the blazing sun.  I highly recommend a pair of harem pants, like these, that keep you warm when there is a strong breeze but are still breathable for hot days.

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Then, it was off to our road trip along Great Ocean Road.  I was very excited, as you can see. This gorgeous drive leads you down the coast, all the way to The Twelve Apostles.  We whizzed past grassy farmland, spacious beaches, and huge cliffs overlooking the ocean.  The six hour drive is a bit tough, especially with the long winding roads, but there is also a gorgeous view to stop at and take a break. We even found a hidden waterfall along the road!  As if all the views we got along the way were not enough, the magical scene we arrived at when we reached our destination made the whole trip more than worth it.
Then, we reached the Twelve Apostles.  The view speaks for itself.
On our final day, we stopped to see some of the famous street art. Melbourne, once again, did not disappoint.

Next, we are on the road for our drive along the coast from Melbourne to Sydney.  Stay tuned!

 Quick Itinerary and Links:

  1. Stayed in South Yarra
  2. Walked around Federation Square (check out this link for things to do while exploring!)
  3. Shopped around the Queen Victoria Market
  4. Got a great view at the Shrine of Remembrance
  5. Drove along the Great Ocean Road
  6. Visited the 12 Apostles 
  7. Checked out the amazing street art

 Happy Travels!


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