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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Singapore Itinerary: Non-Stop Exploring Days Three and Four

Days Three and Four: Beaches and City Skylines

On our third morning in Singapore, we took a break from the city life and headed off to the beach. Sentosa is an island only about 30 minutes away from the main city center.  The best way to get there? Cable car of course. I highly recommend hopping on, kicking back, and enjoying the gorgeous views of the city and the coastline.  We fit all six people that were in our group in one car, so no need to worry about getting split up.  Arriving on the island, you feel completely removed from the industrial city you just left.  We were in a whole different world.
Once on the island, we got a little bit distracted by the zip liners coming down the beach.  By distracted, I mean we did that.  My nervous giggle is featured below.
Then, it was off to the beach.

We saved the grand finale for our final night in Singapore.  At the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel sits this insane infinity pool that lets you see the entire city.  At the edge of the pool, it feels like you are floating in between the skyscrapers.  We were on top of the world.  

The next morning, we had a few hours before we had to catch our flight.  Back to Chinatown!  We spent our final hours in the country exploring this Buddhist Temple.  Ornate Buddha statues filled hundreds of crevices cut into the walls both inside the temple and on its roof garden.  The ceilings and floors were covered in real gold, not to mention the hundreds of lanterns hanging from the ceilings.  If you are in Singapore, you cannot miss being transported into this relaxing paradise.
Our trip didn't end here, though, don't you worry!  I will be posting about the two weeks in Australia that followed.  Stay tuned!

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