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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Add a Vintage Bag

 Sometimes, all it takes to make my morning is digging through the back of my closet and finding that perfect vintage accessory that I totally forgot about.  This beautiful white vintage bag has been hiding in my closet for who knows how long, but it really made me smile when I saw it peeking out from behind my heels and crossbodys.  This bag is not from any old vintage shop.  It belonged to my grandmother, which makes it all the more special.  Man, did she have style.  That's one thing about fashion that I really love; it can live on from person to person and never lose its beauty or charm.
  I see so many black leather bags lately and I really love the way they keep a look sleek and tailored, but there is something softer and more dainty about the way a white accessory adds to your style without pulling too much focus.
Buy these exact Zara Heels (they were less than $30)
Happy Shopping!


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