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Friday, November 4, 2016

The Five Best Etsy Shops for Affordable Vintage Clothing

  Let's begin with a story some of you may be familiar with:
  You see an old picture of a feminine 1950s dress, and wonder why you never added such a classic vintage piece to your closet.  Where does one find a vintage dress?, you wonder.  It suddenly hits you that all of the hipsters you know speak of this mysterious place called Etsy, where there are fun weird things that you don't need and can't find anywhere else.  Sounds perfect. You log on, type in "vintage dress", and up pops tons of unique, fabulous finds!  Wait...they're $400 each.  You decide never to look for vintage fashion again, and leave the house for your local Forever 21.

  This is the sad story of most people who try to find vintage on Etsy, and realize just how expensive older pieces can be.  Fear not!  I have dug through tons of Etsy shops, and found the few that have great pieces at affordable prices.  The best part of shopping through a site like Etsy is that you really can find clothing that is one of a kind and authentic.
  These are my top five best Etsy shops to find new vintage clothing that will not leave your wallet empty.  I've gone in reverse order from five to one, one being the very best of them all.

  This shop is a bit of a hit or a miss when it comes to their eclectic mix of pieces.  They seem to focus in on the 70s and 80s, although I have seen some nice finds from the 50s and 60s, as well.  The reason I knew I had to include them on the list, however, is because of their fantastically inexpensive coats and accessories.  Admittedly, I don't love every trend from the 80s.  Some of the coats you can find from that era, however, are perfect for creating a colorful and preppy look.  I also saw a long, denim coat from the 1970s that I fell in love with.  It almost reminds me of a raincoat...except enitrely denim.  Love it.  Considering denim is a huge trend right now, this is a great basic find. Every coat I saw was under $50, which for any outerwear is a steal.
  I was also very excited to see some men's fashions mixed in to this shop's selection.  There is a great 1970s men's sheepskin coat (for under $40!!) and some cool 1970s shoes.  Hope you men are into old school platforms.
   This boutique is one of the most affordable vintage shops on Etsy, hands down.  It hits number four on the list, not because it has the most unique selection, but because those prices are perfection.  From the 50s to the 80s, the clothing I found scrolling through this site are great basic additions to anyone's vintage collection.  I especially love the shoes they carry.  White sandals from the 60s, incredible multi-colored pumps from the 80s, and 1970s loafers can all be found in this one shop.  They look like they are in pretty good condition, and, again, could make basic staples.
  I always enjoy pops of color, and the mix of patterned and bright skirts and dresses give this shop just enough punch to be an interesting scroll.  Overall, you have tons of options and are sure to find something exciting for your closet!
Red Mini Skirt80s Pumps90s Striped Blouse

  The Kissing Tree comes in at number three with its incredibly large selection of dresses, jumpsuits (yes, I said jumpsuits), and skirts.  This shop has tons of 90s grunge looks, which I know a bunch of fashionistas are into right now.  You have your pick of overalls, grunge maxi dresses, and gingham dresses.
  Their fur outerwear can get a little higher in price, but it is really unique and high quality, so it is definitely worth what it is listed for.  I saw cape jackets, cropped jackets, and even leather coats.  Have a little extra to spend?  I would go for one of these staples.  If you aren't into furs and are more into a boho look, not to worry.  They have the most beautiful selection of gentle, flowing dresses you could imagine.  From high lacey necklines to off-the-shoulder numbers, all the best dress styles from the 70s are in this shop.
70s Plaid SkirtGrunge Maxi Dress70s Blue, High-Neck Dress

  Another shop with a huge selection!  I would say that this shop is best fit for the gals who love their classic feminine pieces.  I had to put this as number two, because they have the best selection of classic skirt styles and flowing dresses.  I love pleated skirts.  I could own one in every color and never get bored of them.  Rauza Boutique lets me shop through every imaginable color and length of pleated skirt, which is a dream come true.
  I also love the overall style of their dresses, which seem to almost always be a fitted and the waist and then billow out to a full skirt.  There are floral dresses, high neck dresses, dresses with collars, and they come in pretty much any color you can think of.  Not to mention, that style of tapering in at the waist is universally flattering.
  This shop is also unique, because it has some two piece suit sets and great suit pants.  I have trouble finding vintage work cloths, and this boutique is a good resource for that.  There are some military-style suit sets that, I think, are always in.  The military trend never fully went away and wearing a deep brown or army green suit is a fun way to incorporate some trend into your work style.
  The only downside I found to this entire shop is that it doesn't list the decade that the pieces are from.  While this is a bit of an annoyance, you can always contact the shop owner and learn about the piece.
Long Button Maxi SkirtPurple Dance DressTwo Piece Suit

  Here it is, number one! InBetweenVintageCo is hands down the best combination of affordability, and unique, exciting pieces.  A big factor in me choosing this as number one, is that it has affordable outerwear.  Unheard of, you say?  Think again!  This shop has great 60s and 70s coats, and the best part is that they have affordable men's outerwear, too!  They carry a heavy men's plaid coat, leather jacket, and faux fur leather jacket, all for under $30.  Yes, that is the real price.
  Like the shop listed earlier, InBetweenVintageCO has some affordable suit sets that I love seeing.  They are a little different, however, because they come in bright colors and fun patterns from the 60s and 80s.
  Love your big chunky knits?   Here is a selection of every color and pattern, and at a total steal.  I love that there are so many 80s and 90s knits, especially going into the cooler months.  This is also a great shop to keep in mind when it comes time for your ugly sweater Christmas parties.  They have SO many fantastic ugly sweaters.  Too many, one might say.
  They also have fun, floral dresses, but realize that not all of them are actually vintage.  They are called "In Between", because some of the dresses are inpired by vintage looks, but are not actually from that era.  Just check the description if you are into only unique, vintage pieces.  To me, this could be seen as a plus, however, because you look for vintage styles in popular stores anyway.  Why not get it all in one place?
Men's 60s Plaid Jacket80s Chunky Knit60s Valor Suit

  I hope this list was helpful to all of my Etsy lovers, and please let me know if you like posts like this!  I would love to recommend other places to shop for vintage, if you're interested.

Happy Shopping!

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