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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Welcome to Layering Season! (1970s on Trend)

  The wind is howling, blowing the leaves off the trees, and you sadly begin to pack away all your adorable summer dresses that you once slipped on without a care.  Not so fast!  Its layering season, which means that you need to bundle up, but it also means that you can take those same wonderful dresses and put other pieces over them, under them, around them, or any way you like.  My new favorite trend?
Take any simple dress and put a turtleneck sweater underneath.  It keeps you much warmer than the plain dress and adds interest.  And what is the era? 1970s, of course! The sweater under the dress, the platform shoes. The 1970s are back in fashion big time.  The polka dots, the sweater under the dressI have turtlenecks that are sleeveless, quarter sleeve, and long sleeved, and I can place all of these under the same dress to make it look like a completely different outfit! Keep in mind the cut of your dress however, as anything scoop-necked or high-necked would not look clean with a turtleneck placed under it.
  The outfit I am wearing here is one of my favorite little black dresses, with a sleeveless polka-dot turtleneck underneath.  Normally, this dress would be much too cool for the autumn, but the turtleneck lets me wear it in any season!  Want to bundle up even more?  Add a pair of thick stockings and booties to tie everything together.  These incredible white and grey boots are from Call It Spring.  The dress and turtleneck are Forever21.
  As for makeup and hair, I woke up and did not have time to shower or do my hair in any way. You've had that sort of day.  Well, I curl my hair the day before I have a busy one planned, and when I wake up the curls and are crazy, messy, and perfect to pull into a ponytail.  I like to pull out some pieces in the front and re-curl them.  It takes a total of five minutes, and I love the laid-back look.  My makeup was also easy, foundation, concealer, a few burnt orange shades on the lid.  What makes it look like it took me a long time is the bold lipstick.  Don't have a ton of time?  Just keep your face makeup and eye makeup simple and throw on a deep purple shade, like i have here.  Works every time.
Happy Shopping!

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