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Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Perfect Day for Purple Pants

  The leftover warmth from the summer is slowly being forced into fall, but I don't mind!  While my light pastel colored pants usually only make an appearance in the springtime, the weather was so perfect today I couldn't resist pulling them out one last time.
  When you can't figure out a way to make a plain white or black shirt pop, colored pants are a great staple to have around.  Think about it.  If your wardrobe is filled with neutrals, and you live in mocha, grey, taupe land, what is the easiest way to add some color?  You could switch out all of your simple shirts, try to buy some bedazzled tanks, but the one item you can pair with all your tops and outerwear is a nice pair of jeans.  So, why not make them purple?  How about a nice mahogany?  Either way, you have nothing to lose by adding one piece with color.  Your plain shirts will thank you.
   I decided to pair my simple Francesca's shirt with my pastel jeans and knock-off Valentinos (should I be admitting that?).  The whole outfit felt light and springy, like I was celebrating the fantastic weather right before it turns to frost.  I threw on my Guess camel coat for when a cloud rolled in or a breeze flew by.  

Yes, fake Valentino's!
P.S.  My makeup is virtually the same everyday, with a slight change in lipstick.  If you want to know what products I use or my routine for getting ready, let me know!

Happy Shopping!

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