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Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Back of Your Shirt Is Ridiculus

  Another comfy cozy day in my favorite jeans.  Today, I had to be in and out of the city and wanted my feet to survive the long walks from the bus to the train to the subway and back again.  These Tom's wedges are great for long walks, because they are supportive and really easy to get around in.  A wedge is usually a safe choice if you want to wear a pair of heels but not kill your feet.  These boyfriend jeans are great, but they really needed a heel to keep my legs from looking too boxy or slouchy.

  My favorite part of the outfit? This blouse with a criss-cross back.  If you want to keep a simple outfit interesting, an easy thing to add to your wardrobe is some tops with interesting cuts or patterns.  Even if you just wear a pair of jeans, the whole ensemble will seem thought out.  Best part about this top?  Its a hand me down. 
  Oops, hi tripod, what's up?

  I like starting my day by drinking a big cup of coffee out of this springy mug.  It is just the right size to have about two cups of coffee, and I think the painted flowers are so sweet.
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