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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Preppy Plaid Layers

  Live in the tri-state area? Fall layering is must, and you know the struggle.  You walk outside and freeze, then walk into a heated building and need to shed the seven coats you left the house with.  With the mildly-cool weather we're having, seven might be overkill, but I wanted to show you one of the simplest ways you can layer.  The best part is, I'm sure you already have the necessary pieces in your wardrobe!

  Most everyone has some kind of plaid in their closet.  They are IN right now, people.  You see them tied around waists, worn as jackets, and as patterns on scarves. Today, however, I wanted to layer my plaid behind a cozy knit sweater to make the whole outfit more interesting and modern.  Sure, you could wear a plain sweater, but it doesn't take much more effort to add a plaid underneath and walk out the door looking more fashion-forward. 
   I used a black and red plaid, which is my favorite at the moment, but you can use any color combo!  Whatever color I choose, however, I try to make at least one of the colors in the plaid match the color of the sweater I put over it.  This makes the combination fit together seamlessly.  Just a quick added tip, try to use a plaid shirt that is longer than the sweater, so you can have it peaking out the bottom.  If you see the collar of the plaid and a bit of the bottom of the shirt, it ties everything together.
  I like to keep this busier top over a pair of jeans. It is easiest to style that way.
Reppin my alma mater.
  I apologize that my black sweater could be an add for a lint roller.  
Happy Shopping!


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