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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Polkadotted Jumpsuit

   Yes, this is the second black jumpsuit that I am featuring on this blog.  No shame! I love polkadots, I love jumpsuits, and I'm wearing it darn it!
 Anyway, this H&M piece is so easy to throw on.  You don't need to add much else, because the polkadots are busy enough on their own.  If you're a taller lady like me, however, you might want to wear this on a day you aren't running around too much, because heels are a must.  The pants hit right above my ankle, and in flats they make me look a lot shorter.  With heels, the cut is fine.  Bonus: your legs with looks even longer if you pair the black jumpsuit with black heels.
   Orange lips and a mint green bag add to the retro vibe.  Not to mention, I'm not an all black kind of person.  Don't shy away from color!  I realize that everyone is into the all black, all day trend, but it totally lifts my mood to have some brights thrown into my cloths and makeup.

Happy Shopping!


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