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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How to Tie A 1970s Style Scarf Like A Pro

  Welcome to the 1970s!  Hop into my photo time machine, because today I am going to show you my favorite way to tie a scarf in the style of the 1970s.
All you will need is a light, colored scarf.  Try to grab one that is either silky or flowy in texture, and add a floral if you want to be even more bold.  This scarf, believe it or not, was purchased at Wet Seal many years ago.  I think it was around the four dollar mark, so anyone can get this cheap and easy look.

  Today, The 1970s are On Trend.  
 I also wanted to add a tidbit about how your vintage style doesn't just have to be influenced by fashion of the past, but by architecture as well.  The shape of the dress I am wearing may not ring 1970s to most of you, but it is the pattern that is reminiscent of that era.  Think of the interior design of a 1970s home.  The wood paneling, the shag rugs, the patterns on the walls, the patterns on the floor, the patterns...well, everywhere.  The tile-like stitching on this dress reminds me very much of wallpapers that you might have seen in a living room in that decade, or even on a couch.  So, who wore it better: me or the wallpaper?
Now, a quick trick on how to tie your scarf correctly:
Start by bunching up the scarf to make it thinner and wrapping it around your neck.  Pull both ends of the scarf to one side of your neck.  Here's the real trick:  Begin by crossing one end of the scarf over the other end and tying it, as you normally would.  The second time you tie it, however, pull one side of the scarf under the other.  This is the only way that the tie will like flat to your neck, instead of one end sticking up.  The same trick works for tie-front shirts!  Remember, grab the same end of the scarf both times you tie it, one time it should be looped over, one time it should be looped under.
And there you go!  A perfectly tied neck scarf.
Want to get extra into the 70s?  Add a boot with a white rubber sole.
  The second way you can tie your scarf to hippie-fy your look is to tie it around your head to one side.  This may seem like an out-there trend, but if you use a light scarf and tie it correctly, it gives off a great bohemian vibe. 
  Start by folding your scarf three times lengthwise, until you get a thin strip.  The wider you leave the scarf, the more hippie it will look.  Wrap the scarf around your head (outside your hair) and pull both ends to one side of your head.  Now, simply use the trick I taught you before and loop one end over the other and pull it tight, then take the same end and loop it under.
  If the headband got a little bit wider while you were tying it, which happened to me, simply tuck some of the front back up into your hairline.  You want to avoid having the scarf fall too far down your forehead, or it could look like you are wearing a hospital bandage.  Whoops.
  And that's all!  I hope you are inspired to bring a little more 1970s into your lives!

Happy Shopping!


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