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Thursday, October 13, 2016

How To Style: Culottes (1950s on Trend)

Oh Zara, why do you have to have so many great cloths to tempt my wallet with? Yesterday, I made a bit of an insane purchase when I saw these pants.  I fell in love and took them home, then quickly realized they are a little bit too statement to wear everyday.  So, how do you stretch these sort of bold pieces? Switch up your outfits in these three ways:  change the shape, change the color scheme, change the fanciness.  Simple.  Here are three ways I do this (as shown through my Zara pants).

 Look One: Work Chic (Tailored, Work Casual, Autumn Colors)
  Now, for my first look we have a work appropriate pulled together getup, which is totally 1950s inspired.  I absolutely love the vintage inspired cut-off pants trend going on.  It mixed the flowy bellbottoms from the 1970's and the cut-off chinos from 1950s and 60s.  Zara is a great place to look for old-school clothing.
  This long red coat adds a sophisticated nature, and even more of a 1950s vibe.  Can you tell this is one of my favorite eras to pull from?
  As I mentioned before, there are three main ways that I stretch my clothing.  Looking at this outfit, I have a more tailored look which is made work-casual with the mix of the denim shirt and the heels.  This color scheme plays into fall colors and accentuates the brightness of the pants.  If you want to recreate this look, all you need to do is pick a pair of heels with an ankle strap, a long coat, and a button down.  Feel free to change up the colors and make it more your own!  Want an even more 1950s inspired outfit?  Add a checkered button-up with a similar color scheme.

 Yes to these Halloween decorations!  
Look Two: Slouchy and Casual (Loose, Everyday Casual, Creamy Neutrals)
  This slouchy sweater and my lace up boots take my look right into the 1960s, where bigger turtlenecks came into vogue.  A look like this makes it possible for you to wear patterned pants on your most casual days.  Again, you can use any slouchy sweater, but I adore the turtleneck cut these days.  I also love the idea of wearing knee high boots that go up into the pant, but make sure you use a boot that is tight to your legs and doesn't have space around your calf and thigh.

Look Three:  Date Night (Clean Lines, Formal, and Deep Hues)
  My final look, once again, features a turtle neck top.  This time, however, it is much more modernized by being tight, cropped, and sleeveless.  A tight cut-off top will make the pants look the most clean because it balances the flow of the pants with the slim shirt.  I also like elongating the leg by using a chunky pair of heels.  Anytime you have cut-off pants, it can make your legs look shorter.  Especially for my shorter ladies, its important to keep your leg looking long with a heel.  I also decided to deepen the shades by adding a forest green to the mix.  This one color changes the pant look from day to night.
Happy Shopping!

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