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Sunday, October 16, 2016

How to Style the Classic Pleated Skirt (1930s On Trend)

In all honestly, it sort of bugs me when people who have never been to New Jersey start telling me how disgusting it is.  If you are talking about the industrial waste zone right before you get to NYC, fine, you got me there, but there are also some of the most beautiful farms, lakes, and foliage right here in the garden state.  Believe it or not, it is called the garden state for a reason.

  Today, I went to the Willowwood Arboretum in Chester, NJ and was reminded of just how beautiful New Jersey can really be. It is a mix of gorgeous fall foliage and rustic cottages, fit for a fairytale.  
  A fairytale setting was just what I needed for this outfit, all centered around my 1930s style skirt.  This white, pleated number is straight out of the jazz era with its cute, yet sophisticated, length. I always want to start dancing in it.  If I had put on a feather headband and pearls, I would have looked like I was going to a costume party, so I mixed it with some pieces from other eras instead.  This bib top was actually more of a men's style the the 1890s.  They would wear what is called a "bib shirt" underneath their coats.  Pretty cool.  
  As for the flats, they tend to bring to mind a classic ballerina.  This image transcends eras, which is why your ballet flats will match up with any outfit.  The best part about these lace up flats is that you can find them at just about any price, so no matter what your budget is you can find a pair.  I linked a few options at the end of this post.  
  A checkered scarf has the same effect, although the oversized shape of it brings this ensemble right into the modern world.

   I loved stumbling upon this golden tree towering outside a purple cottage.  The colors made me feel like I was in a storybook.  Naturally, I got out my own book and sat and read underneath the tree.  One of my life hacks is to always have a book with you for these kinds of situations, where you don't want to leave a spot that makes you feel happy just being there.  If you settle in with a good read, you don't have to leave for hours.

Here is a link to the Willowwood Arboretum.  If you are ever in the north NJ area, it is a must see.  Get there before all of the leaves fall of off the trees.

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