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Monday, October 17, 2016

Greys and Brick

  Sometimes, I forget how much I love a coat without a collar.  There is something about the simplicity and clean lines that push my outfit right into the decades of old.  Due to the no-collar situation, I love adding interest to my neckline in other ways.  
And the turtleneck obsession continues.  This patterned turtleneck dress was the perfect addition, adding depth with a different grey tone.  If you are not into the turtleneck craze, you can always wear a bib necklace or a patterned neck scarf.  Let's not talk about the fact that I haven't taken these shoes off.
  While I love wearing cloths in the same color with different tones (like the greys I did today), there needs to be a little something to break it all up.  Sometimes, it doesn't even have to be another article of clothing.  I used a Mac lipstick in the shade Russian Red to contrast all of my city-chic neutrals.
Happy Shopping!

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