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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Florals in Central Park

   It was a more than beautiful day in central park, and I was glad to have time before work to sit and enjoy the sunshine.  Anyone who lives in NY and was outside yesterday probably felt the mix of confusion and excitement towards the 80 degree, October weather.  I'm not complaining!  Keeping with the 1970s trend I've been loving, I tossed on some pinky florals and headed outside.
Before you go right into the green of central park, I suggest stopping outside and taking a seat on the steps of this incredible statue.  There is plenty of space to relax and take out a book before you leave for your stroll through the park's many walkways.  Hungry?  Its not a bad idea to grab a hotdog or falafel from one of the carts that are always sitting outside. Lets be honest, you can't go wrong with the hotdog cart.
  I am on the taller side when it comes to women's clothing, and that can be a bummer when a dress is just too short to be acceptable in public.  Forever 21 dresses? Yeah, right.  H&M?  50/50 chance of being long enough.  I decided, however, to stop limiting myself and grabbing super short dresses.  They serve a different purpose in my closet, however, as tunics.  I love to throw them over different colored jeans to make any dress casual and fun.  This incredible floral number is from Marshall's. My favorite medium wash Hollister jeans were the perfect color to throw under the darker based dress.  And where would I be without a little 1950s spunk added by my high top converse?
  The high neckline makes this dress feel especially sophisticated.
Happy Shopping!


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