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Friday, October 28, 2016

Era Re-Creation: 1970s Pinafore

  I wanted to start this next Era Re-Creation post with a big thank you.  Ew, sappy, boring, stop this.  Ok, I will in a second.  Seriously, I am so glad everyone had fun picking apart my 1920s outfit and understanding what pieces make an outfit part of that era.  I have always been really interested in where cloths come from and why I have certain pieces in my closet today.  
If you start to explore vintage fashion and the history of clothing design, you can look at your wardrobe and say, "Oh yeah, that striped, knee-length style of dress I have was made really popular in the 70s, because it was casual-stylish daywear, and they kept it stylin' even when they didn't have to dress up".  If you know that fact, then you can build on it and say, "And the way they would style it is by placing a button up shirt underneath that dress and toss a belt on it.  WAIT. What a great way to layer!", and then you have a totally cool way to make your cute, striped dress an autumn piece.  OH MY GOODNESS TRANSITION.
  Today, I styled a 1970s pinafore dress for you. I thought this would be the perfect post as the weather continues to get colder, because I want to inspire you guys to keep your summer and spring dresses in your closet.  There are ways to layer over and under them that make them full year pieces.
  Take this fabulous 70s trend, for instance.  Women and men alike were all into being fashion forward in all parts of their lives, whether it was running errands on a casual day or going to a disco.  To stay interesting and hip during a more casual event, women would take a knee length dress (sometimes in a fun pattern) and place a buttoned up collared shirt underneath it.  Many times, they would pair this look with platform sandals and tights.
  I get it.  The platform sandals and tights thing is daunting, and I can see a lot of people shying away from it.  I really love this look.  I think its a good time!   For my bolder fashionistas, I say dust the cobwebs off your white and grey tights and slip on some sandals!  The 70s was abundant with different stylings of cloths, however, so if tights and sandals is not your look just grab a pair of riding boots, or over-so-popular thigh high boots (I will sell my soul for those Stewart Weitzman ones...someone needs to stop this monopoly and design affordable thigh-highs, please and thank you) and let the skirt fall over them. This is a little warmer as well.
  I completed my look with another 70s staple, which is the hat I am wearing.  A felt, floppy-brimmed hat is a great way to throw those 70s vibes into overdrive.
  I decided to keep the colors of my outfit in the navy and blue family, so that the whole piece tied together.  My button up is a hand-me-down (thanks sis) from J-Crew and my dress is from Marshalls.  This navy belt actually came with a different dress I owned, but I liked that it matched the design on my sleeves, so I borrowed it.  My shoes are from Marshalls and my hat is from Forever 21.
  I love how natural makeup was in this era, so I decided to keep everything basic and minimal.  I have no eyeliner on, just a sweep of brown on my lids and mascara.  I also used a classic pink lipstick from Revlon.
Happy Shopping!


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