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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Era Re-Creation: 1920s Sports Casual

  Welcome to my first Era Re-Creation post! I wanted to start a series that I post regularly on the blog, where I try to emulate the fashions worn in an old image, magazine, or book that inspires me.  Being this is the first post of the series, I wanted to start way back in time. Here we are, in the early 1920s!
  The 1920s were a very exciting time in fashion, because women became more bold and daring their clothing choices.  Hemlines were raising, and it became acceptable to wear a skirt that hits above the knee (oh my gosh, SCANDAL).  Of course, we all think of the fabulous flapper dresses and flowing fabrics from this era, but I wanted to show you a more casual look from the period.
  What I am wearing today is inspired by 1920 sports styles, that women would wear to the tennis court or on more casual days.  The knit sweater was a rather new and exciting development, and gained popularity around this time.  Women wore them at a length that hit their hips, and they were most popular in a v-neck cut.
  Cardigans, I wore one of these bad boys today, were buttoned all the way down and laid over skirts.  If you have a cardigan in your wardrobe, you probably wear it unbuttoned as an over-shirt.  This is because the drop-waist trend that was so popular then is considered very unflattering now.  Why?  Well, today its all about curves.  No waist, all the hips, all the boobs.  Back then, the most popular body shape was looking like...well a wood board.  It was seen as most beautiful if women had no curves at all, and the drop-waist trend accentuated flat chests and minimal hip action.
  This lady inspired my look today.  While she got a little crazier than me with her knee length hemline, I loved the combination of her white pleated skirt with her cardigan.  I paired similiar shapes and colors to get her outfit right.
  You may have noticed we are wearing different accessories on our heads.  I also love the fabric she used to make a headband, but I thought I would show you something that is majorly back in trend that was worn in the 1920s, too!  Straw hats were crazy popular this summer, and with good reason.  They are cool to wear on hot days, and pull most summer outfits together. When going on holiday, 1920s women felt the same way about them we do now.
  As for my scarf, wearing a light scarf tied to one side of the neck was very in vogue and also worn on casual outings.
  To be perfectly honest, I don't own a 1920s shoe (which seriously needs to change), so I wore these modern oxfords instead.  They give a vintage feel, and the mix of canvas and leather is very old-school, but they would be seen more in the 1930s or 50s.
  This is definitely not very 1920s of me, but I stopped by one of my favorite coffee shops in Hoboken.  Look at this place!  The atmosphere is so relaxing and cool, not the mention the coffee rocks.  I always get a cafe au lait and sit outside to relax.  Every once in a while I'll bring my laptop and get some editing done while I drink.  It is one of my favorite spots to do work outside my house.
  If you're ever in Hoboken, give BWE a try!
Happy Shopping!

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