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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Casual Fridays Call for Men's Pants

  So you're a gal who is in her favorite store, sifting through the racks and looking for the perfect funky fresh addition to her closet.  The store has two sides.  One half is filled with men's cloths, one half with women's.  I bet that woman doesn't ever venture past the cutoff line.  
I think this is a mistake.  You are missing out with some great oversized plaid shirts, loafers, and coats.  I have purchased men's clothing over and over again.  These pants and this plaid shirt are an example.  Technically, they are unisex pants but I would have never seen them and fallen in love with them if not for taking a look at the other side of the store.
  On a day like today, when I am staying in and staying cozy I like to wear loose pants and sneakers,  These Tom's sneakers are my go-to for keeping a look casual, but patterned and stylish.  I finished with a cutoff turtleneck shirt.  For some reason, I feel like the turtleneck cut gives more edge to anything you pair it with.
  So, what store did I go to in order to find this huge, woolen button down?  That, my friends, is known as My Dad's Closet.  Thanks for the donation, dad.
Happy Shopping!


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