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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Walk to Madison Square Park (With Some Cool Street Art)

I tend to wake up super early, way before I need to go to work.  NYC is filled with so much to do and see, so even though I live right across the Hudson I can never get enough of it.  I walk around in the mornings and explore every little crack and crevice of the city, and I tend to stumble upon some really amazing local treasures.
Today, this graffiti caught my eye. I quickly jumped at the chance to photograph it.  Graffiti is a love-hate thing, I get that.  But I like the idea of the people who live in the city decorating it with their own artwork.
As for my outfit, I had to bundle up a bit, because the temperature dropped so much.  I decided to wear my favorite Guess camel coat (which you've seen a ton by now) and a striped, Anthropology sweater.  I tucked that into my knee-length Forever 21 skirt and that's all folks!  Pairing something more high end pieces (like Guess and Anthropology) with something low-end (like Forever 21), keep an outfit looking expensive, but you don't have to dish out all your cash on every piece.  PS, I decided to wear a block heel today, but if you are going to be walking around a ton I would also pair some lace up flats or oxfords with this.
I mean, how cool is that bottle artwork!  If you imagine the wall without any of the graffiti on it, it would be pretty bland.  All of the character on this street comes from the paint.
After admiring the graffiti, I kept walking to Madison Square Park.  Chelsea is one of the most beautiful areas in Manhattan, and this park, which lies beneath the Flatiron building, adds to Chelsea's charm.  You can stare up at the architecture, while surrounded by the greenery of the park.  Parks in the city feel more relaxing than anything.  There is something to be said about the calm murmur of the street in the background, while sitting in a flat sanctuary that is carved out of the towering architecture.

This bag was a fabulous gift from my mom.  We both love the wording on the front of it, and I would say its a good philosophy to live by!  Not only that, but when I am dragging around books, my laptop, makeup bag, and tripod, having a black tote bag that fits my life in it is a necessity.
Happy Shopping!


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