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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Morning Photoshoot

  On 80 degree October mornings, a little celebration is called for.  I decided to make my favorite breakfast, and realized that maybe you would want to know what I make and how I start my mornings.
  No matter what, I grab a mason jar and fill it to the brim with water.  I try to force myself to drink one full jar of water every morning, so I start my day hydrated.  It wakes me up, too!  If I want to spice things up a bit, I put some lemon, lime, and a little fruit.  Today I had raspberry, lime water.  Wow, that's good stuff.
  I also like to get out my favorite book and read for a few minutes.  This helps me get focused and start waking up slowly.  Today, I started In Such Good Company, by Carol Bernett.  She was always one of my favorite people to watch growing up, and if you like her humor you would LOVE this book.  She goes into detail about what it was like to be on her show and all kinds of backstage stories.  Its always good to start your morning with a smile!
  Next, I made my main breakfast.  This is pretty much the same everyday, and definitely only works if you are a big fan of hot sauce.  The meal goes like this:  Two eggs cooked with spinach, a pound of cheese on top, a pound of hot sauce on top of that (these are guesstimations).  To be fair, this brand of hot suace adds a ton of flavor, which is why I love it, but it isn't too spicy.  I really can't handle insane spice.  
I also will make myself a cup of coffee, and have been enjoying this blonde roast from Starbucks. I do my hair and makeup when I'm finished eating (usually while listening to some music), then the shoes go on and I am out the door!
  I am so excited to reveal these shoes of the blog!  They have a vintage, tapered heel, incredible cutout work, and my favorite color in the world.  I can't think of a more perfect shoe to add to my collection.  The only bummer is that I can't link them for you, because I got them at a garage sale.  Yup, you heard right.  They were originally from Anthropology, but I got them for a steal. PS, thanks to the two people who stopped their car and rolled down the window to yell "WE LOVE YOUR SHOES".  Made my freaking day.
  Obviously, they pull most of the attention in the outfit.  I wanted to keep them at the forefront and the rest  of the pieces neautral.  Some of you might be thinking, a fur vest is not keeping it simple.  On the contrary, I think that this is a basic piece most people don't think of investing in.  Do it.  A fur coat or vest goes with anything, especially in a grey, black, or white color.

Vintage Vibes of the Day: 
  • Fabulous Furs of the 1920s: Ladies used to wear full out fur coats to go dancing, and brought this style to the front of every magazine.  Imagine this vest over a flapper dress!
A Classic 1930s Tapered Heel:  These heels look fundamentally vintage, because of the way the heel swoops forward towards the ball of your foot.  Not always the most comfortable, but one of the easiest ways to add a 1930s vibe  My simple miniskirt is from Macy's, and I tucked in a turtleneck sweater.  Are we bored of the turtlenecks yet?

Happy Shopping!


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