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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Black Cut-Off Jumpsuit

  Today was a normal, boring day.  Errands on errands.   The problem is I kept running out of the heat and into freezing AC.  I was pretty tired of every store giving me goosebumps, so I threw on this new cut-off jumpsuit from Marshall's.  Presto!  It stays cool, because of the cut-off pants, but is also warm enough for when you are in an air-conditioned building.  The gaucho style of pant makes you feel cooler, almost as if you were wearing a skirt.  Finally, the removable straps give you the option of having a spaghetti strap jumpsuit or a sleeveless number.  I like to take the straps off if I am dressing the look up with some heels, but I left them on today because I was running around and needed some more mobility.

  The sandals I am wearing are also from Marshall's and the necklace is form Forever21.

In this post, I also wanted to point out that many of my pictures are taken in my backyard.  I'm moving soon (which is so exciting!), but for now I like to snap a few pictures before I run out to work.  If the background always seems similar, that's why!

Happy Shopping!

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